Systems and services to monitor and control the use of energy

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Our factories are now operating at 30 per cent of their capacity and are able to serve customer needs effectively.

We will keep everyone fully abreast with the changing situation, and get back to full service as soon as possible.

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DPM series

The DPM series is a range of digital panel meters for reliable and accurate measurement of both AC parameters (voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor...

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Prometer 100

Prometer 100 is a family of high-precision four-quadrant energy meters with advanced measuring, logging, power quality monitoring and data storage capabilities.

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Elite 440

Elite 440 is an advanced three-phase multi-line multi-function panel instrument for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical quantities for industrial and commercial applications.

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DPM series

DPT100 is a range of compact, single-parameter transducers, with configurable input range and output curves. It is designed to meet the demanding needs

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