Accurate information is essential for effective management. Our solution eWatch100 provides all the information necessary to enable customers to reduce their costs and carbon footprint by managing energy efficiently.

eWatch100 is a powerful web based state-of-the-art real-time Data Acquisition and Monitoring software that shows customer information about their utility usage, together with associated costs, carbon emission and critical alarms. Users can easily access their data from any intranet connection.

Software communicates with MODBUS supported energy meters to acquire real time data, processes the data and displays the data in tabular, gauge, graphical, etc. as per users’ choice.

It’s enriched alarm-engine, dash-board & reporting-tool facilities help the user to take decision proactively. The system also supports billing analysis for their main & auxiliary supply.



    • Online energy monitoring for commercial and industrial sub-metering applications
    • Building Management and monitoring systems
    • Green buildings for carbon monitoring
  • Key Feature

    • Real time data acquisition over RS485 Modbus
      • Online energy monitoring and cost analysis
      • Web based software 
    • Flexible reporting options
      • Energy consumption
      • Demand and max- min report
      • Power interruption
      • Alarm and event report
      • Virtual metering report 
    • Multiple online viewing options
      • Tabular
      • Graphical
      • Gauges (configurable) 
    • Dynamic tariff structure
      • Analyze energy consumption in cost (€) instead of kWh 
    • Alarms
      • Threshold limits (load specific)
      • Alarms can be sent by email and/or SMS 
    • Data collection
      • Robust data collection through RS485 Modbus
      • Collection over TCP network (model 201 & 301)
      • Support up to 500 meters (model 301)