Automatic meter reading system

CeweCetrics is a powerful automatic meter reading (AMR) system, built to meet the dynamic requirements of the market. A wide range of reports are supplied as standard and can All reports and export files are created in standard tools and can be modified to match the customer’s requirements by Cewe Instrument or by a third party consultant.



    • Power plant
    • Grid metering, transmission and distribution
    • High consumption industrial and commercial customers, buildings (HV, MV)
    • Export of data via export module to upper software (Scada system i.e.)
  • Key Feature

    • Advanced tariff reporting
    • Drag and drop data export to excel
    • Scheduled data export in format XML, ASCII, XLS etc. as option
    • Automatic and on demand data collection
    • Possible to read online
    • Advanced grouping of data series (calculated data series)
    • Built-in database management
    • Scheduled backup as option
    • Scalable and easy to expand
    • Flexible, easy to modify or create new reports