DPM is a range of 96 x 96 mm digital panel meters for industrial and commercial applications.  Each model shows a single parameter on a large, bright LED display. DPM meters are designed for use in high or low voltage, single-phase or three-phase installations. The primary and secondary voltage and current values can be easily programmed on site. 

M300 is a range of half-height (96 x 48 mm) digital panel meters designed to meet the rigorous demands of the electrical power supply industry. A large, bright LED display ensures that parameters can be read easily, despite the small size of the unit. Models are available for AC or DC voltage and current, and for frequency. 



    • Industrial automation and process industries
    • Electrical control panels
    • Switchgear panels
    • Laboratory equipment
    • Photovoltaic generators
    • Wind turbines
  • Key Feature

  • Compact size:

                DPM 96 x 96 mm

                M300 96 x 48 mm

    ·  True RMS measurement

    ·  CT and VT ratios can be easily programmed on site

    ·  Accuracy class 1 and 0.5% of range (DPM)

    ·  Accuracy  ±0.05% of reading ±1 digit (M300)

    ·  Zero and span can be adjusted by the user (M300)