Multi-function Instrument

Elite 440 is an advanced three-phase multi-line multi-function panel instrument for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical quantities for industrial and commercial applications.

Elite 440 has a large backlit LCD display which enables four parameters to be displayed at the same time. Modbus communication capability allows easy integration with energy monitoring systems.

Field-configurable expansion modules can be fitted for enhanced functionality. 

Elite 440 can be configured by software or by push-buttons on the front panel.



    • Commercial and industrial online monitoring systems
    • LV, MV and HV switchgear panels
    • Monitoring of electrical parameters in power stations and substations
    • Plant automation and monitoring system
    • Wind turbine and photovoltaic generation
    • Electrical vehicle battery charging stations
  • Key Feature

    • Wide-range inputs
      • Measuring voltage range: three-phase four-wire 57.7/100 V to 240/415 V AC
      • Measuring voltage range: three-phase three-wire 100 V to 415 V AC
      • Measuring current range: 0-1(2) A and 0-5(10) A, AC (configurable)
      • Wide-range auxiliary supply: 80 V to 300 V, AC/DC (optional 24 V to 60 V DC) 
    • Highly configurable
      • Single product configurable for HV, LV, 3P3W or 3P4W installations
      • Field-configurable CT/VT primary and secondary values, using push-buttons 
    • High accuracy 
      • Class 0.2 (0.2s for energy)
      • Class 0.5 (0.5s for energy)
      • Class 1.0 
    • Advanced four-quadrant energy measurement
      • Active, reactive and apparent energy, including import and export
      • Energy recording can be customised to suit specific requirements 
    • Instantaneous values
      • Extensive range of parameters, including voltage, current, power, power factor, phase angle, energy, frequency and total harmonic distortion (THD)
      • Root mean square (RMS) measurement 
    • Power Quality
      • Provides THD values for voltage, current and power  up to 31st harmonic
      • Feeder interruption counter
      • Power on/off hours (uptime)
      • Load on/off hours 
    • Communication
      • Modbus via RS-485, for online energy monitoring 
    • Optional pulse inputs and outputs
      • Two digital inputs with voltage range 8 V to 40 V DC 
      • Two digital outputs rated for 100 mA at 230 V AC  
    • Load profile
      • Configurable logging period: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
      • Memory capacity example: 40 days for 6 parameters with 30 minute integration period 
    • Calibration LED
      • Configurable for active, reactive or apparent energy, for on-site calibration of meters