Prometer 100 is a family of high-precision four-quadrant energy meters with advanced measuring, logging, power quality monitoring and data storage capabilities.

Prometer 100 supports flexible and modular communications options enabling integration with existing AMR/AMI/SCADA systems, and provides an upgrade path to future substation automation systems (SAS).



  • Grid and feeder metering

    Precise measurement of mass energy flow at grid and feeder points, for analysis and revenue collection.               

    Power plants, wind turbines and solar generation

    Accurate measurement of exported energy, for revenue collection and billing.

  • Key Feature

    • High-precision metering in accuracy class 0.2s, 0.5s, or MID Class C
    • Extensive data logging in two banks, for energy and instantaneous parameters
    • Available with up to four communications ports, with simultaneous operation (optical, serial RS-232, serial RS-485 and Ethernet)
    • Open communications protocols (DLMS, Modbus, IEC 61850 or DLMS) 
    • Intuitive graphical display for vector diagrams, waveforms and bar charts
    • Multi-language support
    • Wide range of auxiliary supply input options (AC/DC and/or self-powered)
    • Support for meter reading in the absence of power, using field-replaceable battery
    • Detection of meter cover open and terminal cover open
    • CT/VT error and transformer loss compensation
      • Total harmonic distortion (THD), sag/swell monitoring, voltage unbalance and interruptions recording
    • Specification
    • Voltage range (rack mount)



      1. 57.7/63.5/69.3 V (±30%)

      100/110/120 V (±30%)

      Voltage range (wall mount)




      1. 57.7/63.5/69.3 V (±30%)
      2. 100/110/120 V (±30%)

      230/240 V (±30%)

      Current range (site configurable)



      1 A to 5 A

      1 A to 10 A

      Auxiliary power supply range



      60 to 240 V AC/DC (±20%)

      24 to 48 V DC (±20%)


      50/60 Hz