DPT100 (multi-function) is a range of compact transducers with fully configurable input range, parameters and output curves. It is designed to meet the demanding needs of OEMs, panel builders, and supply utilities across multiple applications. It offers accurate true RMS measurements with high accuracy and quick response times, and complies with IEC 60688. DPT100 is equipped with two load-independent, galvanically-isolated analogue outputs that can be configured for required measurands, input range and output curves. 



    • Instrumentation panels
    • Input to analogue instruments & remote monitoring systems
    • Control systems
    • Electrical transmission systems & generators
    • SCADA & PLC systems
    • Battery banks & rectifiers
  • Key Feature

    • Best-in-class response time
      For effective decision making and actions
    • Site-configurable long-range inputs and output curves
      Easy stocking for OEMs and panel builders, through on-site configurability
    • Load-independent accuracy on all outputs
      Dependable accuracy, independent of load
    • Separately configurable outputs (2-in-1 transducer)
      One transducer can work for 2 different functions
    • Diagnostic LEDs
      Fast diagnostic detection of open loop and power off conditions
    • Compact footprint 
      Saves space in panels  
    • Configuration through USB, without powering up the transducer
      Easy to configure & saves time of auxiliary connections
    • Two analogue outputs
      Independent outputs enable integration with two separate systems